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In order for LUL to refresh the Central Line rolling stock fleet ahead of the Olympics, extensive enabling works were required in the Cleaning Shed at Ruislip Depot where the bulk of the refresh works were to be undertaken.

To achieve this, a new electrical distribution system was installed on new CMS to feed 96no. power sockets suspended from high level on droppers at 110V, 230V and 400V supplies.

The droppers were installed along the length of the Cleaning shed on new cable ladder above two temporary platforms upon which the refresh works would take place. The length of the working area was lit with a new lighting installation backed up by a central battery unit. Emergency lighting was also installed within the remainder of the cleaning shed, toilets, offices & switchroom.

In addition a new 110V transformers and distribution system was installed for supplies to heaters along the length of the shed

In a separate area of the depot a “portacabin city” was established to provide mess facilities, toilets, locker rooms and showers for all the staff undertaking the train refresh works.

A new power distribution system was installed to supply all the portacabins from a new local external distribution point adjacent to the portacabins. Separate power supplies were also installed via catenary cables to provide lighting and power within 2 large storage containers.


Ruislip Depot - Train Refresh Enabling


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